Blue Norther Press

We are excited to introduce our latest book, Incorrigible by Ron Enfield and Diane Enfield.

This unusual, ground-breaking memoir tells the gripping story of Diane Christopher, a girl given up by the system as an incorrigible juvenile delinquent. After floundering for years, making disastrous mistakes, she pulled herself together and vowed to change her life. What she accomplished after her epiphany affected the lives of all around her, and left a legacy of love and concern for those whom she touched.

Her husband Ron Enfield spent fifty years with Diane, and in her last six years cared for her full-time in their home while Alzheimer’s disease slowly destroyed her mind, her memory, her personality, and finally her life. Anyone faced with a loved one’s dementia will find her story compelling.

With their surviving daughter Lauren, Ron set out on a 9,300 mile odyssey to bear her ashes to Mirror Lake, in the Sierra Nevada wilderness where he met Diane. Afterwards they journeyed through the West where he was raised, reconnecting with family, friends, and places from his past, introducing Lauren to them and preparing for a future they both faced.

Incorrigible delivers a message about willful misconduct, redemption, caring and hope.

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