Blue Norther Press to Release Debut Memoir by South Jersey Resident Ron Enfield

“Incorrigible,” to be released on May 15, 2021, is a ground-breaking glimpse into a 50-year love story and end-of-life caregiving.  

CHERRY HILL, NJ, May 8, 2021 — Blue Norther Press announces the May 15, 2021 release of “Incorrigible,” the debut memoir by Cherry Hill resident Ron Enfield and his late wife, Diane. Available on and Barnes & Noble’s website in paperback and eBook formats, the book weaves 50 years of memories together and pulls from extensive journals kept by Diane throughout her life.

 “Incorrigible” tells the story of Diane Christopher, labelled an incorrigible delinquent as a child and forced into a state home. After her release she floundered and made disastrous life choices for years, until she vowed to change her life for the sake of her infant daughter. Then Diane met Ron Enfield. They married and spent 50 years together. In the last six years of her life, he cared for Diane full-time as Alzheimer’s disease slowly destroyed her mind and personality.

Incorrigible,uniquely told from both Ron and Diane’s perspectives, is the compelling story of their life journey and the agonizing transformation from thriving couple to caregiver and patient. “Incorrigible” concludes with Ron’s 9,300 mile odyssey with Lauren, his surviving daughter, to carry Diane’s ashes to Mirror Lake, in California’s Sierra Nevada wilderness where they first met.

 Ron said, “I personally cared for Diane as illness and dementia incapacitated and overwhelmed her. I lived 50 years with the love of my life, and—before the end arrived—the woman I met became someone she never wanted to be. Grief is my burden now, but I accept it because it has brought me the gift of understanding others who grieve. I wrote this memoir for those who suffer from seeing their loved ones crumble under the onslaught of dementia, and also to keep alive the memory of who my wife once was. She spent years sorting out and writing down her childhood memories, and I promised her I would tell her story to the world.”

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About Ron Enfield:

Ron Enfield grew up in Southern California in the Fifties, earning a scholarship to attend the University of California, graduating from UCLA with a BA in 1966. After graduation, he worked as a computer programmer at the world’s first software house, moving on to related positions in the tech industry. Before retiring to care full time for Diane, Ron earned an MS in Computer Science in evening classes, and spent more than 30 years in technical publishing at Bell Labs, MITRE, Oracle, and others. He has previously published articles about software engineering and technical writing. This is his first book for commercial publication.